Monday, December 8, 2014

iPainted - Growing Up

My creative inspiration this week for my art was 'Growing Up.' This all had to do with the fact that I applied for an editor job at my favorite magazine 'Rookie' which if you haven't heard about is this awesome, feminist culture, art, advice and dating magazine for teenage girls ( I'm twenty six and would feel lame and white-van-esque for reading a blog targeted for 16 year olds, but I am super into how the magazine uses young, hip illustrators and writers for the majority of its content and aesthetically I am stoked on how it mixes vintage nostalgia with a messy sort of hipster, wonderchild angst.

One of my artistic awakenings as a teenager came when my best friend Ginger (who has introduced me to everything I know as cool) showed me the Todd Solondz film 'Welcome to the Dollhouse,' which is this delightfully weirdo film that is super provocative while at the same time full of happy ha-has. (Never show this on a date. I did and we never talked again. What a loser! On second thought, ALWAYS show this on a date. It will weed out yuppies faster than you can say Saaaaaab)

I remember the movie stimulated my dark sensibilities about humor and boundaries and I found the whole viewing experience quite liberating. And visually, it is super saturated with vintage wholesomeness that contradicts the demented glee of the film.

Here is a terrible watercolor of the film's heroin:

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