Friday, February 6, 2015

David Wolfe Gives Me The Best Success & Health Advice Ever

David Wolfe & Myself
It is an understatement to say David Wolfe is the King of New Age Health. Not only is he the author of the best-selling books including Eating for BeautyThe Sunfood Diet Success SystemSuperfoods: The Food and Medicine, and the Longevity Now Program, he is also renowned as one of the nation’s leading health speakers. His Longevity Now conference is known to sell-out in a matter of days and command such reputable names as Dr. Mercola, and such devoted followers as Woody Harrelson and Tony Robbins. 

He is a hilariously dynamic speaker, whose energy is contagious. His extensive research into alternative healthcare has garnered him respect from the traditional medicine community and renegade healthcare practitioners alike, and his commitment to a sustainable world has planted tens of thousands of trees worldwide through his ‘Fruit Tree Planting Foundation.’

Here is my exclusive interview with the guru…
: David, you single man-edly run a multi-faceted holistic empire. You publish books, run a multi-tiered business, speak around the world, create quality products, conduct ground-breaking research, plant endangered plants, curate leading-edge conferences and run an online school…how is all of this colossal success an out-picturing of the work you do on a cellular level through raw fruits and vegetables?

David Wolfe: It has to do with energy. I have the energy to do it. I have an extra two or three hours a day that most people don’t have because they are sleeping. If you really break it down, that is what it comes down to.  If I am in the flow and things are going well, I can get by on three hours of sleep, no problem. Five hours is good. If I sleep six hours, I feel like I overslept.

Heather: How does a holistic lifestyle improve one’s creativity?
DW: Definitely if you eat raw foods, and get on all organic and move away from toxic processed stuff, your dominate thoughts change. That happens. Once you are on wheatgrass instead of Coca-Cola your dominate thoughts are different. You begin to think in a non-linear fashion and get to those ideas that somebody else wouldn’t come up with.

Heather: What are the best foods for creativity?
 Without a doubt, chocolate. Chocolate turns on parts of your brain, and turns off parts of your brain. It is very well known as an underground world in the world of writing, and movies as an intrinsic part of that creative process.

In fact, Goethe, the great romantic writer would eat bricks of baker’s chocolate, just chow down because that is what ‘did it for him.’ It made him a genius prolific creator. There are a lot of catalysts like that out there; however, chocolate is by far the most approachable. In fact, chocolate has long been a symbol of opulence. Cacao was the currency in Mexico for centuries, it was that esteemed.

Also, when Cacao is combined with mineral dense phyto-planktins like Spirulina or Chorella it makes for a blood building combination that absolutely improves brain function, mood, and energy. I really believe in combining all these unique forces to maximize overall results.

Heather: What would you say is one personal attribute that maximizes success?
I think discipline is the source of all success, I really think there is great power in discipline. I am a firm believer in the phrase ‘one disciplined action leads to another disciplined action.’  That is the source of all real change, one disciplined action after another. That is what I focus on, if I just do this one disciplined action, then I will most likely do another, and it just ripples outward. Eating healthy, exercising properly, getting the right mineralization in our body, these things take discipline, you have to want to do them. So it is really that simple,wanting to do the right thing and taken disciplined action towards it.

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