Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'm Officially a Glambert

Adam Lambert stopped by the studio last week for a couple of interviews that I got to produce and record and he was AMAZING! That hair though!!! So full of easy-going warm-heartedness. He exudes celebrity appeal. 

Susan DeVincent and him were instantly the glammiest of friends. Check out the interview here: 

Video -

My Campaign for Eco Red Shield from Builder Mag:

Fire proof, termite proof = what nature WOOD have done ;) 
I designed and wrote the copy for this campaign that ran on the Susan Somer's show and in Builder magazine.

Awesome 80s Mod Cat

Like, Shut Up. 
A cat I drew while listening to The Smiths/ waiting for my plane at the airport. 

My Awesome Grad School Notes Made with Adobe Draw on iPad!

I studied "Viral Networking Sharing Attributes" during graduate school. I wanted to isolate the attributes of a viral Youtube video. However, the deeper I got into my research the more I started targeting the attributes of a viral network community. 

Basically we hypothosized that certain communities of sharers have a configuration of sharing thresholds (network influencers with high-thresholds of sharing deem something worthy of sharing) and this sparks a contagion of sharing amongst linked nodes (users) within the network.

More importantly thought -look how rad these notes were: 

The first graphic explains how network communities rely on Bridgers to bridge to communities that would otherwise be isolated.
Network Attributes of Viral Sharing Communities 
This graphic explores the rate of adoption of new products based on factors that could inhibit adoptability.
Rate of Adoption Theory
 And finally - how this all applies to tech!
Rate of Adoption Theory - Tech

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Louis CK Drawing - Louis as a Polygamist Mormon


(WATCH) My Interview with Magic!

Wow, I love Canadians. Not only do they arguably make some of the best bacon around, they're also generally upbeat, friendly & funny in their demeanor. Magic! the band (no not the gathering) hung out with me at our studio half a fortnight ago and it was wonderful. Yes they're Canadians.

This musical tribe of handsome men may seem like mere rockstar superstars, but alas, they are much, much more. They're also free, happy, smart, opinionated, polite and witty.
But mostly they're gentlemen who seem to respect women.  I get the impression that unlike Usher they in fact, "do mind if their girl dances on that pole." 

We played a game of "Rude or Not Rude?" They did a spot-on American impersonation. They gave men everywhere love advice. And then they learned how to make their booty look super bombastic in an Instagram pic.

I would end this post by saying, "That is all." But I hate when people do that on Facebook because I think it's presumptuous. What do you think, rude or not rude?

Drops mic.

(I also resent that trendy sign-off.)