Thursday, May 14, 2015

I'm Officially a Glambert

Adam Lambert stopped by the studio last week for a couple of interviews that I got to produce and record and he was AMAZING! That hair though!!! So full of easy-going warm-heartedness. He exudes celebrity appeal. 

Susan DeVincent and him were instantly the glammiest of friends. Check out the interview here: 

Video -


  1. Met him 2! He's like Yur best boyfriend! ❤️ ( but cuter) great interview!

  2. he's the real deal...humble, kind, self-effacing but really funny and clever. oh yeah, INSANELY TALENTED and kinda easy on the eyes, too ILHSFM

  3. An interviewer dream interviewee... adam is articulate, charming and authentic goreous talented and creative being

  4. What a fab interview. I love hearing Adam talk he is so articulate and authentic not to mention super sweet.